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Clairvolex secures Series A funding
Clairvolex IndusAge Partners, a Venture Capital firm led a Series A funding, into Clairvolex for an undisclosed valuation. This makes Clairvolex the first India-originated pure-play IP Asset Managemen...
Clairvolex Secures US Funding
Publication: Know Startup
Clairvolex was featured in this article by Know Startup click to read more: ...
Intellectual Property Firm News
Publication: News United
Clairvolex was featured in this article by News United click to read more: ...
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Patent Selling as Part of Monetizing Strategy
The recent high profile patent transaction deals are causing many CEOs and CFOs to ask the question “what am I getting out of my patents?” Large companies with patent portfolios from 1000 to 30,00...
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Efficient Patent Portfolio Management
Efficient patent portfolio management is important, yet can take many forms.  On one hand, it can include the efficient use of time to expedite the issuance of pending patent applications within ...
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Cooperative Global Patent Prosecution
How the World’s leading Patent Offices and Patent Owners are driving changes in patent prosecution The Patent Law Treaty, an international agreement to ensure harmonization of procedures and requir...
Make the Most of Your Patent Portfolio
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