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What We Do


More than 150 paralegals and administrative staff offer our global clients end-to-end IP asset management support from delivery centers in the US and India. Our automation-driven processes deliver consistent quality, while our Expert Center team ensures added value by going above and beyond the original task to provide insights into IP assets that enhance portfolio quality.

As a platform-independent service provider, our team is skilled in docketing and IP admin functions on 15+ docketing systems, while our hybrid delivery model means we can offer all our customers remote, onshore and onsite support. Testament to the quality and consistency of our delivery is an ever-increasing customer base and over 100 repeat customers each year.

What We Do


Clairvolex manages a suite of services for trademark requirements. Our experienced team of trademark paralegals and docketing staff is well trained on the nuances of international trademark prosecution and opposition. The services are largely managed within docketing requirements for trademark assets. While managing end-to-end docketing support, other allied services are efficiently handled to provide bundled solutions. For trademark support, we work as an extension of your in-house team. With well-defined work flows, automated tools and structured communication systems, provide you high quality and efficient delivery.


Solutions Offered

Patent Illustrations

Our illustration team creates high-quality patent drawings, in adherence with PTO requirements, at an affordable cost. Combining knowledge of USPTO, EPO, PCT and other jurisdictions with dedication to technical precision and expertise in advanced design software sets our team part. We can work from hand-drawn sketches, blueprints, photographs, or any other description—our team translates them into formal Patent Illustrations ready for filing with the PTO.  


More than 94% of Issued Patents have errors that affect their enforceability. Our professional proofreaders use a combination of electronic and manual proofreading processes to deliver high quality results. Technical quality support to the team is provided by experienced patent attorneys, who also make recommendations on CoC filings.

Our expertise in proofreading spans:

  • Patent Applications
  • Published Patent Applications
  • Issued Patents
Application Preparation

Preparing a ready-to-file patent application with the USPTO requires attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of the required forms and PTO formalities. We review specifications and deadlines to ensure USPTO compliance. We also prepare standardized forms—like the Application Data Sheet, POA, Oath and Declaration—and File Assignments online. To complete the package, IDS forms are also prepared and sent to the attorneys for review, signature and filing.

IDS Management

Our IDS team helps patent applicants fulfill their duty to disclose to the USPTO any prior art that is material to the patentability of their invention. As part of our cost-effective service for US patent filers, we:

  • Search all publicly available PTO websites to gather the material prior art in all the patent families related to an application
  • Cross-check all the references identified during the search with previously submitted ones to identify new and uncited prior art
  • Prepare the IDS and relevant supporting forms
  • Download and compile PDF copies of required references to make submission easier
Office Action Response Shells (OARS)

Office Action Response Shells (OARS) help patent prosecutors get a head start on developing a detailed office action response. These non-technical tools consist of a base template with headers, footers and boilerplate language made specific to client needs, as well as form paragraphs introducing objections raised, the latest copy of the claims with status identifiers, and other details deemed relevant by the attorney writing the response.

Opposition Watch

The Clairvolex IP Admin teams help you maintain a watch on any competitors’ portfolios. To identify what stage an application is at within the PTO, we review the list of applications for current basic/legal status and the last identified activity in its prosecution history.

File Wrapper Review

As a patent application goes through multiple reviews, changes and updates during the examination process, all correspondence between the patent office examiner and the applicant is documented in the application’s file history. This wrapper, reviewed post receipt of notice of allowance, aids decisions on licensing, litigation, infringement analysis and buying and selling of patents.

Patent Term Adjustment

To determine if the Patent Term Adjustment published by the USPTO was calculated correctly, our semi-automated process to calculate a patent’s expiration date uses, among others, the following data points: continuity, terminal disclaimer, maintenance fee, and office action response extensions.

Remote Electronic Docketing

For large patent and trademark portfolios, calendaring important legal deadlines is a critical task as each asset can have multiple statutory deadlines which must be met to preserve rights. Patent laws of many countries prescribe non-extendible deadlines for responding to office actions, entering a national phase application, or to file a request for application. In some countries, there is no scope to even seek a remedy if a deadline is missed. Accurate docketing and efficient paralegal support are critical to a strong IP prosecution system.

With deep knowledge of multiple docketing platforms, Clairvolex’s experienced docketing team can update, docket and maintain all IP records through remote access to your electronic docketing system.

Clairvolex Docketing Solutions Framework

Clairvolex’s docketing solution is highly process-driven, using tools we have built in-house as well as reliable docketing software. All our docketers are proficient in several docketing tools and know the IP prosecution steps, documentation and timelines of different geographies:

  • A team of skilled docketers is remotely deployed for docketing all pre-filing, post-filing and post-grant dates, deadlines and activities associated with the IP assets.
  • Multiple communication protocols may be used for exchanging docketing instructions, including web accessible mailbox, Clairvolex’s P.O. Box as the corresponding address, fax, FTP server, extranet portal, etc.
  • The team manages end-to-end docketing functions associated with a global patent, design, or trademark portfolio by simultaneously accessing a client’s docketing system and the communication protocol set to receive all communication from PTO, outside counsels, and the network of foreign agents.
  • The remote docketing team functions as a back-end of your in-house admin/paralegal team.
Docketing System Migration

Our expertise working with different docketing systems provides peace of mind during the challenging and time consuming task of migrating a docketing system. Clairvolex support includes the following aspects of Docketing System Migration:

  • Consulting on mapping user requirements and selecting a suitable docketing system
  • Data migration
  • Post migration audits
  • Double docketing support
Patent Due Diligence / Data Audit / Validation

Any change brought about by the transfer of an IP asset (by way of assignment/merger/sale or any other transaction) may necessitate updating the records or validating the details of the assets acquired on client docketing systems or PTOs. We verify the legitimacy of IP records by comparing data pertaining to US / non-US cases against public data sources or through local counsel.

Docketing Allied Services

Clairvolex supports many allied services within the spectrum of docketing services, facilitating allied requirements such as invoice management, scanning and backlog clearance to update databases.

  • Invoice Management involves tracking of invoices raised by third party vendors, helping to avoid individual review of numerous invoices, enabling cross verification and saving substantial administrative hours.
  • Document Scanning & Database develops a searchable database through the scanning of documents, converting physical files to electronic files and enabling centralization of your documents.
  • Backlog Clearance manages the peaks and valleys of verifying IP records by comparing data pertaining to US/non-US cases against public data sources or through local counsel.


Solutions Offered

Trademark Docketing Support

Clairvolex offers prompt and high quality docketing services through our team of docketers expert in the nuances of trademark prosecution within more than 15 jurisdictions. Further, the team is trained on multiple docketing systems specialized for trademark requirements. Our services are easy to implement within your current practices, providing smooth migration from your end to our delivery teams.

Trademark Docketing Services Model

  • All docketable communication(s) are set up to be routed through a common mailbox
  • The Clairvolex team accesses the mailbox daily, downloads all emails/documents and dockets in the client's system per the defined process/ checklist
  • All docket actions undergo a 100% “Four Eye” quality check
  • Information validated through available PTO websites
  • Periodic productivity and quality reports to clients

We provide remote docketing for the creation and management of electronic dockets for trademarks. Task creation, timeline tracking, periodic alters, reminders, and more can be managed for the trademark assets. Within remote docketing service, we provide various other standard offerings that offer one-stop support for all trademark requirements during and after prosecution.

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