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Revealing the Power in Patents

Buried deep in your intellectual property portfolios is tremendous value. But surfacing it, and gaining a clear understanding of its true value, has been a laborious, inefficient and often simply inaccurate undertaking—until today.

Today, Clairvolex offers a systematic, proven approach to the development and monetization of patent portfolios, helping companies both large and small make the most of their IP.

Learn more about our unique, technology-enabled IP Asset Management that focuses on your bottom line.

Complete IP Asset Management Individual IP Services
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Introducing Technology-Enabled

IP Asset Management

We built our company with one goal in mind: to create a process that not only unlocks value within existing IP portfolios, but also provides an actionable roadmap to developing high-value IP portfolios. Our approach to IP Asset Management combines deep expertise with a proprietary technology platform created specifically for IP management. In this way, Clairvolex can be a valuable strategic partner to both established global enterprises and brand new start-ups growing thanks to their own recent breakthrough innovations.

Seamless Processes

While we always work with you as a partner in a truly collaborative manner, our efficient IPAM processes free you up to do what you do best—focus on your business. At the same time, you can be sure we’re enhancing, not just supplementing, your own IP capabilities.

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Global Expertise

Threats—and opportunities—can come from anywhere in the world today. Clairvolex is a truly global company, with locations in the United States, Asia and Europe. More than simply having a physical presence, our global reach is reflected in our Portfolio Advisory Group (PAG), created to leverage expertise gained dealing with many critical national IP systems. Their advice goes beyond legal analysis to encompass portfolio development, technology, and market and financial intelligence—all geared to maximizing portfolio monetization. 

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Proprietary Technology

The platform our patent experts employ speeds analysis of your portfolios. Constantly evolving, we are making ever greater use of machine learning to provide insights into your portfolios’ current and future value.

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Expertise, Technology and People

We know patents. And we understand your industry. You need both sides of the coin for effective patent portfolio management.

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Insights and analysis

By providing the defensive, offensive and collaborative potential of the patents in your portfolio, you get the information you need to make smart business decisions.

Not just manpower, firepower

Subject matter experts in your industry sector are always part of the team.

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Make the Most of Your Patent Portfolio
Complete IP Asset Management Individual IP Services