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Talent at Clairvolex is recognized and acknowledged at every level. That is why you’ll find people driven by passion, knowledge, commitment and innovation, and a company committed to nurturing these qualities in every employee. Our meritocracy has clear career paths so you can achieve your personal and professional goals.

Come join our growing global firm. Open positions are shown below.

Head of Global Sales

Job Location: Los Altos, USA


Clairvolex has been offering Patent Services to US, European and Asia Pacific based customers. Patent Services Clairvolex offers includes patent development, monetization & search and analytics. Overtime, Clairvolex built a software platform namely Leap. 'Leap' offers analytics, automation and workflow, all combines, and shifts patent development from traditional legal methods to software-and data driven. Patent portfolios LEAP helps build will be more competitive. It rationalizes costs by 50%, and reduces the number of non-performing IP assets companies own. LEAP is poised to change the way patent portfolios are managed today by enhancing governance, optimizing costs, bringing operations rigor and offering directional decision support for monetizing IP ( Leap was soft launched on August 16th in Los Altos, CA. Clairvolex's legacy sales system, and teams are now getting re-positioned to Leap SaaS sales, and Leap-enabled IP expert services sales. Clairvolex is looking to hire an outstanding sales leader from the global IP industry to become Head of Global Sales.

Expected Results

VP Sales is expected to consolidate and lead sales globally, own company-wide sales target year on year, and lead pivoting current expert services sales to Leap SaaS products & Leap-enabled services. The candidate will be expected to drive revenue growth by deepening market penetration within the Unites States; and expanding Leap sales foot print in Europe, EMEA and Asia Pacific. VP, sales is expected to scale up the current sales team, build next level sales operations, buid data-rigor, and enhance sales governance. Leveraging marketing spend fully to grow sale will be another important job focus. VP sales will won enterprise sales of named accounts, lead sales through strategic partnerships, and manage day-today sales functions. We expect the candidate to be hands-on given our start-up culture and work as a player and a coach. 


The candidate must have proven track record of successfully growing sales revenues of a product or services business in the global IP (Intellectual Property), legal-tech space. Past experience of growing new sales from $20MIL to $50MIL quickly (under 3 years) during the growth phase of a company will be extremely helpful. The candidate must be a proven sales leader, who should possess the ability to consolidate, scale, and lead the sales team, ensure the team remains driven, sales focused, and well-governed with rigor, at the same time engaged and committed. Candidate is expected to carry his/her own rolodex, professional network, and enduring relations in the IP, legal tech space. Strong communication skills including the ability to command an audience, good executive presence, 15 to 18 years of sales management, and sales leadership experience are required.


An attractive combination of salary, variable cash compensation, and long term stock linked incentive. 

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Technical Specialist – Patent Search & Analytics (HiTech)

Job Location: Bangalore & Gurgaon, India

Job Responsibilities:

  • Significant experience in  patent search, analytics, should have knowledge on knock out search, patentability search, invalidity  search, freedom to operate search, landscape search, state of the art search, patent categorization, etc. independently and guide the team as assigned mentor.
  • Demonstrate an expertise on a group of processes at business and high level of technical  competence from qualification/experience. Help the team with process and technology specific supervision on the specific technology and project guidance.
  • Excellent knowledge of US and EP patent laws and ability to deliver work with minimal supervision.
  • Responsible for overall quality, time upkeep, profit by deliverables of the team.
  • Develop and execute knowledge center, process expertise, quality check model
  • Work with technical specialists and technical resources to align the client/ project requirements with deliverables
  • Communicate with clients and convert requirement documents in proposals and in turn work deliverables
  • Lead specialized assignments and projects requiring high level of proficiency and judgment
  • Provide recommendations on problems that are identified to team members to enhance performance and improve productivity

Required Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degree in Electronics or Mechanical subjects from an accredited university is mandatory.
  • 3-5 years’ experience in patent search & analytics with Sound technical knowledge in the domain

Expected Competencies/Skills/Abilities:

  • Strong analytical skills to analyze two different documents and differentiate technical aspects disclosed therein. 
  • Excellent (persuasive) writing skills to draft convincing arguments. 
  • Demonstrate attention to detail with Good analytical skills
  • Strong verbal and written skills with effective listening skills. 
  • Ability to create processes and templates. 
  • Organization skills and ability to complete tasks in a timely manner. 
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Lead Technical Engineer - Patent Prosecution

Job Location: Bangalore & Gurgaon, India

Responsible for Patent Portfolio development. This role involves demonstrating high-level of technical competency in assigned technologies and applying process knowledge and technical competency to formulate strategy for responding to office actions and perform other work related to asset management activities. 

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Deliver prosecution projects including independently formulating response strategy for office actions along with complete draft responses to office actions. 
  • Issued by US, EP primarily and add-on for JPO, SIPO, KIPO and IPO as per client guidelines/prosecution manuals. 
  • Draft provisional specifications and complete patent applications including well-crafted claim sets that conform to US and EP patent legal and procedural standards. 
  • Provide training on multiple technical areas. 
  • Mentor team members on assigned technology areas and provide direction and guidance to team members for formulating response strategy for office actions. 
  • Participate in specialized assignments and process improvement projects as assigned. 
  • Apply process knowledge to produce consistent, high-quality results. 
  • Perform multiple tasks and work independently on assigned projects including creating and supporting processes for client deliverables. 
  • Perform root cause analysis to identify issues. Provide recommendations to enhance team’s performance and improve productivity. 
  • Use available tools to analyze and solve problems. 
  • Participate in the hiring process (preparing test papers, evaluating, and interviewing candidates) as assigned. 
  • Provide quality and process enhancements to the organization. 
  • Lead team members on specialized technical assignments and projects requiring high-level of proficiency and competency. 

Required Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelor or Masters in engineering from a reputed institute. 
  • Excellent domain knowledge in hi-tech space (Electronics and communication). 
  • 4+ years of experience in patent prosecution - preferably in US/ Europe jurisdictions. 
  • Prior experience in performing technical analysis and formulating response strategy for office actions. 
  • Experience of drafting 75+ office action responses and/ or 50+ patent applications. 
  • Experience of working under the supervision of US/ EP patent attorney for a minimum of 1-2 years. 

Expected Competencies/Skills/Abilities:

  • Excellent comprehension skills, reading & understanding of technical literature, patent publication, etc. – in a time efficient manner. 
  • Excellent articulation skills to explain/ discuss with patent attorneys/ colleagues- technology as disclosed in patent publications and/ or non-patent literature. 
  • Strong analytical skills to analyze two different documents and differentiate technical aspects disclosed therein. 
  • Excellent (persuasive) writing skills to draft convincing arguments. 
  • Demonstrate attention to detail. 
  • Strong verbal and written skills with effective listening skills. 
  • Ability to create processes and templates. 
  • Organization skills and ability to complete tasks in a timely manner. 
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Data Scientist

Job Location: Bangalore, India


As a Data scientist, you will provide expertise on AI & NLP related concepts and inspire the adoption of advanced analytics and data science across the entire breadth of our organization.

  • You will actively contribute and develop of one of the modules Clay IP – Clairvolex’ s AI & ML fueled data analytics product for IP Asset Management & Monetization.  
  • You will work with cross-functional team members to identify and prioritize actionable, high-impact insights across a variety of core IP Monetization areas. 
  • You will research, design, implement and validate cutting-edge AI & NLP algorithms to analyze diverse sources of Patent and non-patent literature, market data and research data to achieve targeted outcomes.

Core Competencies & Required Skill Sets

  • Deep understanding of statistical and predictive modelling concepts, AI & machine-learning approaches, clustering, classification techniques, and recommendation & optimization algorithms.
  • Expertise in Developing Machine learning and Deep learning models for text data (python Scikit  learn, Keras, Tensorflow) to answer business queries
  • Expertise Working with large text corpora and using APIs in Natural language processing (NLTK, Spacy, Textblob, OpenNLP, Mallet, ClearNLP )
  • Good experience in programming languages such as Python/Java /C++.
  • Expertise in Big data platforms like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka etc.
  • Experience or any knowledge of Intellectual Property prosecution or invention management related businesses would be an added advantage. 
  • Deep expertise in structured and non-structured databases like SQL, MySQL, MongoDB etc.
  • Executed at least 3 data science projects that are into production


Additional skill sets

  • Understand, use and create Machine learning models, tune them for performance, improve accuracy.
  • Programmed using various Supervised/Unsupervised learning algorithms for sizeable data sets
  • Application of Deep learning techniques like RNN, CNN for text, Word/Phrase embeddings
  • NLP and Machine learning skills with Python programming using Opensource libraries and frameworks a MUST with a significant hands-on project experience.
  • Extensively used algorithms for language/ text processing of documents related to industry such as – Company Annual reports (BFSI) / Equipment or Device related documents / Patent texts.
  • Data life cycle management–normalizing, profiling, summarizing and plotting data – using tools like open refine and python pandas
  • Using REST Services to integrate the models with other applications / dashboards / data source.
  • Adhering to Software engineering processes using tools like GitHub / BitBucket / SVN


Required Qualifications & Experience:

  • BE/BTech in engineering with experience in building multi-tier analytics solutions using Python / Java
  • 6 - 10 years of experience in Programming & working in a Data intensive environment 


Behavioral Competencies 

  • You’re passionate about asking and answering questions in large datasets, and you are able to communicate that passion to product managers and engineers. 
  • You have a keen desire to solve business problems and live to find patterns and insights within structured and unstructured data. 
  • You propose analytics strategies and solutions that challenge and expand the thinking of everyone around you.
  • You desire a fast paced, test-driven, collaborative and iterative engineering environment. 
  • You love learning, data, scale and agility.
  • You excel at making complex concepts simple and easy to understand by those around you.
  • You’re driven to show the world the power of Artificial Intelligence.
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Office Manager, Clairvolex Inc.

Job Location: Los Altos, CA

Reports to:

President, Clairvolex Inc.


We are seeking a reliable, experienced, performance-driven individual, with at least 10 years of experience in executive support services and office management. Strong organizational, and communication skills with the ability to independently plan and direct business affairs. Must possess attention to detail. Should be a collaborator and a team player. Should be proficient in MS Office, especially MS Excel.

  • Responsible for daily office administration & management.
  • Should be capable of designing and implementing office systems and policies to achieve efficiency and consistency in operating standards and procedures.
  • Achieve organizational efficiency, effective inter-office coordination; enable a team-environment; ensure employee satisfaction through excellent facility, IT, process support.
  • Administrative partner to the CEO, President and the executive team.
  • Handle office procurements and vendor management, including evaluating services, reviewing and negotiating contracts.
  • Responsible for calendar management, travel & expense reporting, and contracts, travel desk management.
  • Responsible for the day to day refilling of office pantry, housekeeping supervision.
  • Correspondence management for IT matters and Facility maintenance.
  • Employee life cycle management including but not limited to onboarding, payroll, benefits, separation, filing of employee documents.
  • Liaison with Finance & Accounts team for various filings as well as end to end compliance as per statutory requirements.


Required Qualifications & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree with minimum 10 years minimum of experience in office operations, payroll, administration.


Expected Competencies/Skills/Abilities:

  • Basic understanding of Administration concepts.
  • Computer proficiency adapts to software easily, excellent email and writing skills.
  • Excellent English communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • A quick learner and have a strong desire to learn and be excited to take on the challenges.
  • A team player with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Capable of working independently with high attention to detail.
  • Able to multitask and excellent in problem solving.
  • Energetic, positive attitude and Have strong work ethic.
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