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IP Monetization


Technology and intellectual property expertise, proprietary technology, and proven processes—the foundation upon which Clairvolex built its IP Asset Management business—is also the blueprint for the IP Monetization solutions we provide. We offer a complete suite of solutions and services, ranging from basic patent portfolio evaluation to customizable licensing programs for your specific IP monetization needs—delivering actionable insights into the current and potential value of your IP portfolio.


Patent Sales
  • Hotspot Analysis
  • Sales Collateral
Additional IPM Services
  • Continuation Support
  • Licensing Program Development

Solutions Offered

IP Monetization

Taxonomization and Categorization

Whether you have an existing taxonomy or need one created, we’ll deliver an exhaustive, customized set of patent taxonomies featuring multi-dimensional, multi-level patent categorization. For those companies currently without one, Clairvolex will generate a taxonomy based on a target technology domain and the relevant patent set, classifying each patent as prominent or obsolete. This detailed categorization of each patent and patent application in your portfolio, viewed from a technology perspective, will be helpful in identifying assets with the greatest potential.

Asset Ranking

Each asset within a portfolio is reviewed against specific requirements (e.g., licensing potential, sale potential, etc.) and ranked High/Medium/Low using parameters customized for your specific business and based on your industry sector. Assets are also sorted into categories and assigned a numeric and/or qualitative ranking score. Using insights from the ranking, clients often request a deeper dive to, for example, assess an asset’s relevance to a specific product or product line—their own or a competitor's—or to trend map assets to their technology advancements or patent filings.

Infringement Search

An infringement search is required to identify, with a high degree of certainty, products that potentially infringe on a patent as granted to an inventor or patent owner.  Our infringement search analysis and resulting reports include a potential product list with a confidence level ranking score for each product based on its mapping against a claim or claims.

Evidence of Use Charts

To help attorneys and in-house counsel determine the extent any claim 'reads onto' a product, process, and/or standard, Clairvolex’s IP monetization team develops Evidence of Use (EoU) charts. Companies seeking to monetize their IP, acquire IP, and/or sell IP portfolios use these charts to guide sound decision making. Our IP Monetization team, comprised of experts from varied disciplines with advanced technical degrees, deep IP monetization experience, and extensive training from qualified attorneys, has broad experience in working with different technologies in both hi-tech and bio-tech sectors.

Invalidity Search

To aid companies in determining whether or not they are infringing on a a valid patent, Clairvolex offers invalidity (or prior art) search services that include the following components:

  • Understanding patent claims and specifications in detail
  • Understanding the prosecution history of the subject patent and its family members
  • Identifying the relevant patent and non-patent databases to be searched
  • Conducting the search using well defined internal search strategies
  • Summarizing the results in a report

Analysis of file wrapper or prosecution history is a critical component of validity searches; based on gaps in the 'intrinsic' and the 'extrinsic evidence', this analysis may build a sound argument to invalidate a patent. Our search team is well trained by patent attorneys from the United States and Europe in both the technical aspects of conducting searches and in navigating confidentiality and privilege issues in your communications.

Freedom to Operate (FTO)

Before developing and marketing a new product, operating companies need to be sure that a valid patent would not block the entry of that new product into any country you’re considering. Clairvolex conducts Freedom to Operate (FTO) studies or clearance search and analysis, depending on your specific needs.

Using parameters such as the patent term of 20 years, pending patent applications, information concerning competition, the names of inventors, and more, a search strategy to identify blocking patents is developed. Once potentially blocking patents are identified, Clairvolex will, from a technical perspective, conduct a claim analysis and prepare an FTO report.

Market Research

We combine IP business intelligence and analytics to bring you compelling and insightful market intelligence. Using innovative search strategies, searching collections (including 3rd party subscriptions and online resources such as SEC filings) and applying proprietary search tools, our researchers offer valuable data such as revenues generated by a specific company on specific products, a competitor's technology roadmap, and roadmaps of product version evolution.

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