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Identifying technology market trends can unlock revenue streams around inventions and products. We partner with you to create and secure IP assets and maximize their commercial value with customized solutions for Hi-Tech and Life Sciences domains.

Our comprehensive prior art searches leave no stone unturned, finding targeted results thanks to the deep domain capabilities of our search and analytics teams. Capabilities include searching, mining, and analysis of large sets of patent, non-patent literature and product data.  Analysis of technology domains and companies results in detailed Industry Landscapes. Our reports are a combination of search findings, expert analysis and informative graphics.

Our Differentiators

Our Solutions

Knock-Out Search (KOS)

Four-to-five hour KOS searches help you quickly make a topline determination of an invention’s novelty. Simply send us the technical details of the invention in a predefined disclosure format, and a prior art search is conducted using various patent and non-patent databases. You can make informed decisions regarding patenting of invention disclosures, generate better IDSs, and pre-empt third party observations under the America Invents Act (AIA).

Patentability Search

We execute customized patentability searches compliant with the novel requirements of different jurisdictions, made possible through the mix of IP knowledge and deep domain expertise of our search team.

Patent databases inherently present multiple challenges: completeness, correctness, retrieval. Through experience and exposure to different challenges, our team navigates patent databases, non-patent databases and domain specific databases to identify novel inventions and help you channel your investments into only the highest quality ideas.

Freedom-to-Operate Search

Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) searches examine active patents and pending published patent applications worldwide or within a region where you’re considering operational or marketing activities. An FTO search identifies valid patents/patent applications that could potentially block the commercialization of your product or process. You can also use the results to modify the considered product/process in light of relevant patents.

Validity Search

To invalidate a patent claim(s), our team searches for prior publication, prior public knowledge or working, no inventive step, and insufficiency of disclosure, among other grounds. Always working under the guidance of global patent litigation and prosecution-experienced attorneys, the team identifies prior art evidence against each claim element. We access high-end university libraries in addition to our extensive database coverage to yield targeted search results.

Domain Search

Our extensive industry standards searches are built to your specific requirements. Stronger IP management is achieved when deep analysis of industry standards is reflected in the research report and recommendations. Combining industry and subject matter expertise is the difference you get with the Clairvolex search team. The team is trained to handle deep-tech analysis over standards like Telecom, Mechanical, Software, Biological Sequence, Chemical Structure and other known standards.

Landscape and Whitespace Analysis

To identify white space for decision making around R&D or IP monetization, we employ a proven patent mapping/ landscaping solution as part of our IP Analytics. Clairvolex’s technology analysis service will monitor your competitors and identify potential partners and other companies of interest. We also support our analysis with data from secondary research—all to help you formulate business strategies that keep you ahead of the competition. Our Next Generation IP analytics tools offer several ways to review and evaluate data on the fly.

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